DownPayment Assistance!!


As we enter a new decade, owning a home may seem even more like a far-fetched goal.

Buyers face an inventory shortage, especially for entry level homes; home prices and rents continue to rise, but not wages; and the entire home buying process is still very much a mystery to many renters. Affordability and saving for a down payment remain top concerns, keeping buyers on the sidelines.

But there are positive trends developing.

At Down Payment Resource, we’re passionate in helping new homebuyers overcome these challenges by addressing them head on. And, just in time. The next three years are expected to produce more first time homebuyers than any point since the recession, according to a recent TransUnion report. The future of the housing market is here.

New buyers face real homeownership challenges, but there are more solutions available than they may know about, including down payment assistance.

If you are a homebuyer, look for professionals who can provide this type of service and guidance.

“You really do need a Realtor who knows what they are doing and has time to really explore your options with you… ”

Brian and Anna Englehart, homebuyers