High school scholarships!

The future lies with the next generation and its up to us to create a foundation that has a lasting positive impact. Basic education should be a right and not a privilege. Helping the future generation that are less fortunate financially, is our drive and our ‘why’. We want to transform dreams to reality for the poor children.

Six ladies and three men have been granted a scholarship by IsatouProperties Charity, in the high school level. These student’s dream is to work hard through university before choosing a career of their choice. Our vision is to empower them in the best possible way.

IsatouProperties Charity wants to see children reach their potential, even without the financial privilege like other fortunate children. These lucky children under the IsatouProperties Charity program, should have a lasting memory of what they had gone through and the mindset of helping the less fortunate in their communities.

IsatouProperties Charity has a vision to not only provide scholarships but to also renovate and build schools infrastructures. This will help equip the school with a better environment for the students.