Charity Projects

Not everyone is blessed with an opportunity to receive quality education or at least basic education. Seeing how children worthy of going to school but can’t afford to, made Isatou Ceesay decide to put up a charity for less fortunate children.

Isatouproperties Charity was established on March 2018 and is being funded and supported 100% by the owner, Isatou Ceesay. Her parents are both from Gambia. Her mother worked as a teacher while her father was a superintendent for more than thirty three years. Both serving the public, there is no wonder why Isatou has a soft spot for other people’s well-being.

The charity started with scholarships and realizing the fact that there is a limit on how much you can help people individually, Isatou Ceesay thought of a project that could help a greater number of people. Isatouproperties Charity is working to expand its aid with school renovations and building, clean water initiative in schools to give the students a child-friendly setting and build a better environment for them to focus on studying. Isatouproperties Charity, in hope to help more people with not just in her country but as well as other locations, is actively participating in charity works in Washington.

Isatou Ceesay does not only provide educational assistance but is also an active member of Easter Seals Washington – a charitable organization for children and adults with disabilities throughout Washington and Cash for Kids Closing Program where a percentage amount of a closed deal goes to Easter Seals.

Isatou Ceesay is not expecting anything out of her good will but only wanted everyone to do well and help generations to come.